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Growing Garlands

10 copies #SupportIndependentBookstores

10 copies #SupportIndependentBookstores

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WHAT IF YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED but it doesn’t feel like it’s supposed to? And what’s up with all those people who should be behaving differently? Our story begins steeped in many hoods: victimhood, childhood, the actual hood. Jane Garland was insurmountably busy pretending to be a good adult and never quite making it to the end of her to-do list. In the future, when all her work was done, she would finally be content. The problem being that it was always just today.

THEN LIFE HAPPENED. Her daughter developed PANDAS, an autoimmune disorder that scrambled the thoughts in her brain. Jane realized the thoughts in her own brain weren’t exactly productive either. She musters the courage to examine the stories she called reality and learns how to write brand new adventures.

THINGS GET WEIRD. She is visited by a cast of characters who conspire to help her find her true nature, with nebulous plans to make mountains of money in order to save the planet. Saving the planet sounds far-fetched? Not saving the planet sounds even more ridiculous if you stop to think about it.


Mainly paper. The cream-colored kind. Also contains magic and fire.

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Book size. AKA 5.25 x 8 inches.

260 pages of fun.

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Try not to get wet. Share with loved ones.

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About the Author

I’m a professor and researcher who writes about and investigates the theories, science, and real-world attempts to build and strengthen neural pathways in children’s brains. When our daughter developed PANDAS, an autoimmune reaction that scrambled the pathways her brain, it brought us to our knees. Once I accepted the only way to teach her how to reprogram her own brain was to experiment on myself, things got interesting. In a good way. I tried to write it all down while it was fresh in my head, so anybody else on a similar journey could see how hilariously easy it is to fail, fail again. It’s the fastest way to the first 1%. Whatever that means for you.

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